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How many pads will I need?  

Depends on how often you would like to change your pad and how often you’d like to wash them. I’d recommend 4 during the day and one at night, and if you wanted to last a whole cycle without washing then that would work out at about 25 pads in total. On heavier days you might want to change more frequently, it’s all down to personal preference


How do I know what length to choose?

This is also down to personal preference. For a good starting point, I’d recommend measuring the disposable pad you are most comfortable with, and trying one that length and maybe one slightly bigger and smaller. I slouch a lot when I sit, so I like at least 10.5-12 inches so I feel completely covered.


An 8 inch, 9.5 inch, 10 inch, and 12 inch for size comparison

How do they stay in place and which way round do they go?

Cloth pads have poppers on the wings, which securely fasten them around your underwear. With Silly Panda Co cloth pads, the pretty side faces up at you.


How do I wash them? Are they hygienic?

Much like length and absorbancy, different ways of washing work for different people. However, there is one consistency and that is that washing powder/liquid needs to contain no softeners as softeners cling to fabric fibres, affecting absorbancy.

One example of a wash routine is as follows –

Stored dry in a wetbag for length of cycle. When cycle is complete, washed on a cool rinse with Vanish liquid or powder, then on a 40 degree wash with Daz. Hung up to dry.

But you can tailor your routine to suit your needs. Prefer to soak your pads? Soak away! Need to wash every other day? Not a problem! And yes, pads can be tumble dried (on low) Line drying is super great as the sun helps get rid of stains. Cool washes help get rid of stains as well, and hot water sets them.

For more information on washing including both machine and handwashing, check out this website for tonnes of information courtesy of Eco Fluffy Mama

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Absorbancy – How much your pad will hold before you need to change it.

CSP/SanPro/RUMP – CSP stands for cloth sanitary protection/cloth sanitary pads. SanPro stands for sanitary protection. RUMP stands for reusable menstrual protection.

SHOBF – Super Heavy Organic Bamboo Fleece. Lovely absorbent fabric core.

PUL – PUL stands for polyurethane laminate, and is basically the waterproof backing in your CSP and in nappies. It’s designed to remain breathable, so there’s no sweaty plastic feel.