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So why cloth sanitary pads?

Cloth Sanitary Pads

A gorgeous stash shot of various cloth sanitary pads

Reusable sanitary protection is also known as SanPro or CSP (cloth sanitary pads). Sizes, shapes, absorbancy, all can be tailored to. Cloth sanitary pads allow your skin and your body to breathe, which is especially important for intimate areas. The slightest change in pH or temperature can cause discomfort and even infection. Cloth sanitary pads don’t draw away your body’s moisture, only your menstrual flow, so your vagina stays happy and healthy throughout what can be the most uncomfortable time. Plus seeing pretty patterns and a pad that suits your mood will certainly bring a smile to your face. We are proud to be a cloth sanitary pad maker in the UK.

Cloth hygiene products can look very daunting, but after some research and a few test runs you’ll wonder why you ever hesitated. We’ve found cloth nappies contain poo-splosions better, are far more breathable than plastic disposable nappies so a lot less nappy rash, provide a better and more customizable fit, smell nicer, look nicer, the list could go on! A baby’s needs can be catered for with cloth – is baby a front wetter? A back wetter? Hold it for hours then let it go at once? A crawler? There are so so many options that there will be something out there for your child.

Silly Panda Co Cloth Nappy

A cheeky bumshot of a cloth nappy

Please feel free to browse our website, we love custom orders and our available fabrics can be found HERE. If you have any questions, feel free to pop it in an email to info@sillypanda.co.uk and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We try our hardest to get orders out within 8-12 weeks, but sometimes delays can occur (all the fun of having a toddler!)

Happy World Saving!